This week: Tracking with Seth Evans. Revising old mixes by Sam Place.

How can Thunder Castle Records help you attain your goals?

Studio Services

  • Live Music Recording
  • Tracking, mixing, mastering
  • Song production and development
  • Live support, offsite

Pick Stick or Vocal Lick to CLEAN Digital Representation


Rip your favorite amp and guitar combo, smash the cymbals, crank it up and feel the vibe! We have plenty of space to crescendo and progress your tunes. 

  • Record live or track step by step through high quality analog front end from Universal Audio, Allen and Heath, Presonus, Mackie, JBL, QSC
  • Monitor and listen back through Solid State Logic "XLogic Superanalogue's" deep active channels
  • We have options for Reamping, Sampling, tracking and recording through Logic Pro X with the highest quality converters from Universal Audio! 
  • Add your favorite gear and talent.  I am sure we will not get bored of options! 

We can design your track, record your band, mix and master to your needs. Even play and  record your live performance! 


About Us

Passion for Tone


We utilize top gear including Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Allen&Heath. 

Capture your Sound


From the lead vocals to the shaker at the breakdown, we focus on creating the textures to sculpt your vision into reality. 

No Stress Zone


Let's make music! All levels of experience welcome.